The Travel Carbon Project

Focus and Structure


The Travel Carbon Project offers data, tools and consultancy which enable you to address the environmental impact of corporate travel.

  The Project supports three main groups: 

Corporate Clients - Any company, partnership or government organisation, whose employees need to travel to do business.

Industry Suppliers - Any airlines, hotels, car rental companies, railways, travel management companies, intermediaries and other travel-related suppliers who provide products, services and support to corporate travellers.

Individuals - Any individual corporate travellers, or travel professionals in the global industry whose work requires them to travel, or involves them providing services and support to corporate travelers.

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A source of practical solutions

By adopting focused solutions, our aim is to help you take practical and positive action on the environmental impact of travel carbon.

We recognise that to succeed, any action must be complimentary to your existing CSR programme. It must be capable of being integrated within a wider sustainability initiative. 

The positioning of the Travel Carbon Project is therefore as a addition to your existing environmental plan - helping to deliver solutions that are focused on the corporate travel component and helping you add value to your overall plan.  

Avoidance alternatives and offsetting

Solutions designed for the corporate travel community

Through a deep understanding of the drivers that cause business travel and detailed knowledge of the travel authority process, we enable you to develop and implement solutions that do not restrict your business activity.

Solutions that balance business requirements with environmental impact - and enable you to make informed decisions.

Travel avoidance and alternatives feature strongly, However, where travel cannot be avoided a global scheme of dedicated offsetting and investment in sustainable travel initiatives is being created

Transparent initiatives where you can see tangible evidence of your carbon offset being applied.

  • A clear line of sight to real projects
  • Transparency surrounding buying of verified carbon units
  • Real action in real places 

We see potential for Member company's own offsetting schemes and sustainable travel projects being incorporated into the initiative. Opportunities for you to share ideas and invest in community programmes.