Currently in development: Justifly trip evaluation and approval tool from the travel carbon project.


Justifly is a suite of practical business tools to enable companies, managers and travellers to balance the cost, time, environmental impact and return from each trip.

Opportunity survey

Helping you understand the drivers that cause travel within your company - benefiting from standard proven survey tools and allowing customised questioning for your business.

Trip Evaluation

Combination of cost, time, environmental impact and return on investment - a balanced evaluation for every trip. 

Trip Approval

In development: An integrated solution adding CO2 evaluation into the company approval process - go/no go/move/offset/mitigate - with a clear line of sight to decision makers. 


In Development: Capturing data from the evaluation and authority process in a way that can be integrated easily into the managed travel programme 


Providing further analytics and advisory for the development of the overall programme.