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Environmental Impact of Company Travel Is On Your Board's Agenda


All major companies have the environment on their agenda and there is little doubt it will be a key subject for board discussion during 2020 and through the years ahead. 

Previously, the main focus will have been on the impact of your company operations on the environment. This is now extending rapidly to the wider impact of the company’s activity - which includes corporate travel. 

Any company that needs to travel to do business, has a challenge. Can it justify its travel? Can it demonstrate it has processes and systems designed to question the need for travel? Does it have a way of avoiding travel and utilising alternatives? 

If it must travel, what is its approach to offsetting and investing in schemes that balance the impact of its travel on the environment?


CEOs will be expected to have a clear understanding of these subjects and be able to describe to shareholders, investors and the media how the company deals with the situation today - and intends to manage the impact of its travel going forward. 

Previously, CEOs had little interest in the administrative detail of the travel programme - after all, the outside world has rarely asked them how the company books travel or, manages its airfare savings. 

However, if that booking or saving has an environmental impact - then the outside world becomes interested.