Developing an effective strategy requires a simple framework. Our own strategy is based around a 6-point plan which is designed to work for any organization or individual. It reflects our own approach to travelling and we are happy for you copy this and adapt it for your own organization. 

Our Strategy

1. Recognize


We recognize that corporate travel has a direct impact on the environment.

2. Avoid


We take positive action to challenge and avoid travel (through policy, process & best practice).

3. Alternatives


We actively seek alternatives, including virtual meetings, lower impact travel and consolidated trips.  


4. Offset


When travel can't be avoided, we take direct action to offset, or invest in sustainable travel initiatives 

5. Schemes


We invest in dedicated offset schemes and focused initiatives such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) 

6. Measure


We actively measure and report on Avoidance, Alternatives, Offsets and overall scheme performance